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They say you're out-of-network, we keep you in community.

Doesn't holisticism sometimes feel like you've either got your chakras aligned and your crystals charged, or you're just out in these streets trying to hydrate and not get triggered by Tik Toks. Whoever you are you've just stumbled upon your new digital sanctuary: Out-of- Network and we're immensely grateful you're here. Empowered by The Better Spot , an online/offline wellness solution connecting practitioners to each other, clients and bespoke studios, a blog to house all those , "I shouldn't say this but-" conversations about wellness and where it's headed, felt necessary.

They say you're out-of-network, we keep you in community.

While we started this blog for wellness practitioners, we don't believe in gatekeeping info that can benefit us all. So, get ready, cause we're about to spill the herbal tea on ya'll.

What's the Deal with Holistic Living?

Holistic living is like the lovechild of your grandma's ancient remedies and your best friend's latest self-care rituals, all wrapped up in a funky, eco-friendly package. It's about treating yourself as a whole being - mind, body, and spirit.

From acupuncture to Ayurveda, yoga to crystal healing, The Holistic Hub is your one-stop shop for exploring, understanding, and embracing alternative medicine practices. In this blog we'll work to demystify the jargon and at The Better Spot, we'll aim to make holistic living accessible to everyone.

Find your people.

You can count on me and our guest writer to serve up a vibrant blend of articles, guides, and personal stories, all with a sprinkle of that millennial "edge". Expect witty takes on wellness trends, deep dives into holistic practices, and interviews with experts who are revolutionizing the wellness scene.

So, what's on the Menu?

At Our-of-Network, we've got an eclectic smorgasbord of holistic topics lined up for you:

  1. 💎Crystals and Shiny Things: Learn and grow with energetic healing and discover which crystals vibe with your energy and better vibes all around.

  2. 🌱Plant-Power: Dive into the world of herbal remedies, plant-based diets, and the magic of Mother Nature.

  3. 😶‍🌫️Mind Right: Coaches and Clinicians have different alphabets at the end of their names for a reason, which proves that everyone can benefit from different methods at different times for different reasons.

  4. 🧘🏽‍♂️Move, Get Out Your Way: Dance, Martial Arts and Yoga, explore the transformative power of yoga and meditative movement forms.

  5. 💧Alternative Healing Modalities: From acupuncture to aromatherapy, we'll unpack the secrets behind alternative medicine practices.

  6. 😜Holistic Lifestyle Hacks: Learn how to infuse your daily life with holistic wisdom, from conscious living to DIY self-care.

  7. ✨Wellness Wanderlust: Get ready to jet-set with us as we explore holistic retreats, wellness destinations, and healing experiences around the world.

Join the Conversation

We want to hear from you, whether you're a seasoned healer or a wellness newbie. Share your insights, ask questions, and connect with fellow seekers on our blog and social media channels.

Welcome to Out-of-Network. Stay tuned for our next blog post


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